About Us

We are Gilbert & Leona, creating one-of-a-kind bags, totes, pouches, wallets, journals, photo albums and household items. As useful as they are unique, our handmade products are made from recycled and post-manufacture leather and hardware.

Like you we balance career and family life. Our belief is that one of the best ways to limit our participation in throwaway culture is to produce quality products that last. This is a conviction that we know our customers share.

Our company name reflects the philosophy and values of a time, when a different relationship to objects meant everything had a purpose, even an unintended one. When Gilbert attached a doorknob to a piece of driftwood to make a walking stick, he didn’t consider himself an artist, he was merely giving usefulness to found & common objects, a use that might not be obvious. To him, almost every object had intrinsic beauty and a purpose waiting to be transformed. We feel the same way.